How To Check URN Status Online – Update Request


URN Status, where URN represents as Update Request Number. With the help of the update request number, you can track your application form URN status. Here we would like to share the complete guide on how to check your URN status below – also check how to check uidai status online.

Most of the people will do the mistakes while applying for aadhaar card online.

Keeping this in mind, the UIDAI website portal launched a new website called SSUP – with the help of the ssup portal you can actually update all your details online or even via offline and also track the update request status online.

Once you done with necessary changes you will receive an URN number – Update Request Number, with the help of the update request number you track the URN status.

Not only update request number you also need to download the acknowledgment number for future reference. Below we do share the reference guide for you on how to track the URN status online.

Guide Step By Step Wise To Check URN Status

There you go with the help of the online UIDAI portal. You can able to track your URN status online. In order to track the status. You need to have the following details with you.

  • URN number – update request number
  • Aadhaar card number

Then after you need to check out this link: Link here.

Once you visited the web page, it will look alike as follows.


That’s it. However, we do share some of the useful information so that you will get an idea about it.

I applied through offline. Is there any way to get the URN number?

If you were applied through offline. Then you won’t get that URN number. But, as per our estimation people who are applied through offline will receive the messages from uidai about the status of updates.

  • And, it also clearly represents on the SSUP – Aadhar self service update portal, website – you can’t able to make any changes either via online or offline if your mobile number is not linked up with the aadhaar card.

Don’t worry if you are applied through the post – Most of the people will do the same. You will receive notifications through SMS.

What do I suppose To Do If I lost The URN number?

Lost the URN number? or forgotten to note down the number? In this case, you need not worry much about this – because as your mobile number is linked up with the UIDAI card, you will receive the updates to your mobile number, thereby you will let you know the URN status.

If you won’t receive any messages within a one week we are requested you to contact the official permanent aadhaar account center. In most of the case, you will receive the message.

In most of the case, you will receive the message.

Want to know more information about aadhaar card or URN?

Here are the complete details of information about aadhaar card that you need to know now or URN status details.

Update Your Mobile Number

If your mobile number is lost or not filled up while applying for the new aadhaar card then in that case you need to contact the nearest enrollment center and update your new mobile number.

If you have no idea where to find the enrollment center nearby your location. Then do check out our tutorial below so that you will get an idea about the process.

  • Here is the official link: Link to find out the enrollment center.

Once you visited the link the web page will look alike as follows:

urn number

Make sure to fill out all the required details which were shown on the screen like as follows:

  • State
  • District
  • Locality Area

Then click on search. You will find out the aadhaar card enrollment centers nearby your location along with the customer contact numbers, Email Id, opening and closing timings. Once you get those details you can contact the office and update your mob;ile number.

Download aadhaar card

With the help of the UIDAI portal, you can download your aadhaar card. Below we cover the information related to this.

Just visit the official link here: Link here

Enter the following details:

  • Aadhar card number / EID number
  • Full Name
  • Pin code
  • Mobile Number

Once you entered the mobile number you will receive an OTP – one-time password for the process of verification. After that, you can download the aadhaar card without any problem.

  • But make sure that this E aadhar card can only be useful as an Identity purpose. You can’t use this card as a matter of Proof of address in order to open a bank account or any other purpose.

Verify Aadhaar card

If you would like to change whether all the personal details are entered right or wrong in the eyes of UIDAI government then you can check out the details by verifying it.

URN number online

  • Here is the link – Link here

Once you visited the link – you need to enter the UIDAI card number.

Then after the page will redirect to a verification page where you can access all the personal details of your uid card.

Verify your Mobile Number / Email Id

While enrolling a new aadhar card we do also fill out our mobile number and email Id. If you would like to know whether your entered mobile number is correct or wrong, with the help of the following link you will get to know.

  • Here is the official link to visit: Once you visited the official link make sure to fill out all information.

And, click on get OTP – If you successfully receive OTP number, then it’s confirmed your mobile number is right one.

Upon confirmation, the web page will redirect to the Email confirmation page. Where you are allowed to verify your Email Id. If the Email Id which is present over there is wrong. Then you can make necessary update changes via UIDAI portal.

That’s it. Below we do share a list of most frequent asked questions about the URN status online.

Most Frequent Asked Questions About URN

Q. Is there any way to get updated our aadhaar card apart from online?

A: Yes! You can with the offline procedure, via offline there are again two ways further divided:

1) You need to download the application form here first.

2) Then after fill, that application form along and attach the necessary documents to it.

3) And send the post to any one of the following address.

Second Method:

Visit the official enrollment center: Here is the link to visit the official enrolment center.

With the help of the search portal, you will get to know the details of nearest aadhaar card center.

  1. Visit the PAC – with all necessary documents.
  2. Fill the application form and submit there by itself.
  3. Collect the URN number in order to track the URN status online.

That’s it.

Q. My URN status is showing nothing why?

A. It will take around three to four weeks in order to get updated on the portal website. Please do check it after some time.

Q. It’s been 3 weeks, but the URN status is showing same?

A. Have you checked your mobile phone for messages? Maybe due to invalid documents that you are submitted. Please do contact the nearest service center. Usually, it will take no more than 3 weeks.

Q. Is URN – Update request number is mandatory to check the URN status online?

A. Without URN number you can’t able to track the status of the application. However, you will receive the notifications to your cell number.

Q. As I came to know there is only one chance to change the DOB is that true?

A: Yes that’s true! Here what they said on their official website:

  • You can update Date of Birth from Declared to Verified only once. In case your Verified Date of Birth is incorrect in the Aadhaar letter, you can get it corrected only once.

That’s the complete procedure to check URN status online. If you require any further details do leave a comment here at the end of the post. We do help you out.


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